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Vector inscription "Happy New Year!", Made 30th embodiments beautiful fonts + bonuses.

It used for the manufacture of labels in the windows, the design of greeting cards, etc.

In the archive:

1. "Information tovare.txt" - a text file that you are reading.

2. "image.jpg" - file image to see how look vector images inscription "Happy New Year!" 30 variants beautiful fonts.

3. "photo" - pictures, which show would look like one of the options of fonts (for example, in the window, or postcard), etc.

4. "image.cdr" - Vector label themselves "Happy New Year!" 30 variants beautiful fonts This file is a commodity. Open it is possible only in a specialized vector graphics program CorelDraw, but that should not scare you, even if you're not a graphic designer and do not know how to use this program. In order to produce, for example, a sticker in the window, you only need to bring this file to any advertising company. There you will plotter narezhut sticker of any size and color. These vector images are also used in the design of greeting cards, interior decoration, etc.

Bonus 1 - multiple images of snowflakes in vector format.

Bonus 2 - beautiful font files (this will allow you to independently write any interesting inscriptions and greetings).


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