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The script automatically exchange office WMZ-WMR-WME-WMU-EGOLD. Organize your own e-currency exchange rates!

These scripts automatically exchange office (or just scripts exchanger) designed to provide Internet service on the organization of automatic exchange of WebMoney, E-gold web sites. This exchange enables site owners to make a profit in the form of commissions.

Supports such currencies as E-gold USD (dollar) payment system E-gold and four currency system WebMoney: WMZ (USD, dollars), WMR (RUR, rubles), WME (EUR, EUR), WMU (UAH, hryvnia) .

The exchange rate for each currency changes in a single file! Exhibiting as much as you need.

The script is written in the programming language PHP, which is very popular on the Internet and uses a database MySQL.

The script module vsroen affiliate program, which is easier to find people willing to exchange money in your electronic exchange office.

How to give the partner the premium for each produced exchange transaction you decide. You only need to specify this parameter in the script.

The requirements for the correct operation of the exchange office:

1. Support for PHP hosting

2. One MySQL database

3. Zend Optimizer

4. Personal passport system WebMoney (need to use Merchant WebMoney)

The script uses all possible safety systems offered in the used payment systems.

It comes with a readme file that details how to configure the script exchange office.
ATTENTION !!! Resale of the goods on the platform DigiSeller strictly prohibited! Upon detection of the offender, I immediately inform contact the store PLATI.RU, as well as file a claim in the BLACK-LIST. At best, waiting for violators ban, at worst - WMID'a lock it with all the cash in the wallets.

All the best and good SHOPPING !!!


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