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Set №4 vector images for making popular stickers on cars. In this kit, mostly club stickers.
It is used for manufacturing without background stickers on cars, as well as printing on textiles, souvenirs, etc.

2. Toyota ALLION (Internet auto club)
3. BASS CLUB (option1)
4. BASS CLUB (option 2)
5. Carina Club (the region number can be made your own or simply removed)
6. TRD (Toyota Racing Development)
7. TRD Racing Development (Toyota Motor Sports)
8. HOST (option 1)
9. HURRY (option 2)
10. CELICA (the name of the city is usually given below)
11. COROLLA CLUB (the city name is usually given below)
12. DRIVE2 The community of machines and people (made in the form of a stamp, above indicated region or city)
13. Laurel Club
14. MansorY CLUB
15. MansorY CLUB Original (option in the frame)
18. SOLARIS-CLUB Drive2 (sedan)
19. SOLARIS-CLUB Drive2 (hatchback)
20. TourerV
In the archive:

1. "Product Information.txt" is a text file that you are currently reading.

2. "image.jpg" is a picture file to see how the vector images look.

3. "photo" - pictures that show how this image (for example, a sticker) will look on this or that surface: on a glass or car body, on textiles, etc.

4. "image.cdr" - the vector images themselves, THIS FILE IS THE GOODS. Open it is possible only in the specialized vector graphics program CorelDraw, but this should not bother you. In order to make, for example, a sticker on the car, you just need to bring this file to any advertising studio. There you will cut a sticker of any size and color on the plotter. These vector files are also used for quality (!) Printing on T-shirts or baseball caps.

You can also arrange a small business in your region for the production of stickers, T-shirts, baseball caps and other attributes. When you produce any of these types of products, you will need this vector file. And now you will always have it.


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