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Jeffrey J. Fox.

How to become a CEO.

2nd edition

Harvard Business Review

Moscow 2005

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From the Publisher

The book "How to become a CEO" became a bestseller in the US and translated into many languages. Its success is due to a rare combination of rich business experience Jeffrey Fox and his peculiar style of presentation. Challenges and problems faced by people in the organization, Fox brings a simple observation and rules allowing yourself while sometimes dramatic and paradoxical observations and conclusions. All of this makes the reader take a fresh look at the seemingly obvious things and discover them for yourself the real ability to manage their careers.

For anyone who wants to climb the corporate ladder, and also for those who are interested in the rules of the ascent to power in any organization, this book - a unique source of information. Collected in her observations, comments and tips on managing your career will certainly be interesting above all ordinary managers and middle managers, however, and the head of the company finds itself here for a lot of valuable and original ideas.


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