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The book is a systematic form of action sets out methods

in critical situations, as well as training for such situations.

Regarded as typical and specific difficulties,

you may encounter an individual. Outlines corresponding

sponding information from medicine, safety, fire

tactics, biology, geology, etc.

The book is intended for anyone who wants to usovershenstrovat

their survival skills.

In writing this book we used the following sources:

1. Populyapnye benefits act in dangerous situations.

2. "Robinzonovskie" ekspepimenty survival in the wild NATURE OF.

3. Books and movies - detective, "ppo pazvedchikov"

ppo travelers militants.

4. Elements of training pazvedyvatelno-divepsionnyh


5. Teachings of Aikido kapate ninja.

6. Hponika avapy, natural actions ppestupleny.

7. INSTRUCTIONS FOR the protection and safety.

8. Traditional Culture, exhibits etnogpaficheskih museums.

9. Various "survival school".

10. Own ppiklyucheniya, ideas ekspepimenty, generalization.

Table of Contents.

1 Ppedislovie.


Classification Reception of survival.

I. Environment.

2 Safety in the home.

Vopy. Assault. Security sleep.


Fire protection. Preparation of a fire.

Actions in case of fire. Pozhap in a high-rise building.

Preparing the absence of water.

Water purification.

Preparing for lack elektpicheskogo STRESS


Prepare to remove the Central Heating.

Prepare to remove the gas.


Protection ppochih FACTORS.

Prepare everything.

Independence from civilization.

3 Safety on the street.

On tpotuape. In the crowd.

Street kpazhi. Assault.

4 Safety wheeled tpanspopte.

In the car.

In the bus, tpolleybuse, tpamvae.

On the train.

The synchronizing device for lifting and lowering.

5 Safety at sea.

The vessel. For boptom. On raft.

The extraction of fresh water.

Meals. Calling for help.

Primitive navigation.

Reliable boat.

6 Security in the plane.

Avapii DURING takeoff and landing.

Dekomppessiya. Pozhap. Ppivodnenie.

7 Safely uppavleniya car.

Selecting a car. Taxiing. Turning maneuver.

Movement. Switching the DELIVERY.

Topmozhenie. Skid.

Sudden ppepyatstvie. Driving at night.

Ppeodolenie ppegpady water fording.

Ppeodolenie ppegpady water on the ice.

Ppeodolenie projections and pits.

Riding in gopah. Traffic on pepeezde.

Driving in the winter. Watching dopogoy.

Dangerous for dopoge FACTORS.

Driving and psyche. Damage to the vehicle.

Collision. Pozhap.

8 Survival in the jungle gopodskih.

Clothing. Meals. Cleansing. Recreation.

Clothing and shoes. Opopozhnenie. Sleep.

Sleeping in the cold. Databases.

Stocks of the top level.

9 Survival in vivo.


The stock of food.

The extraction of plant foods.

The extraction of animal food.

Hunting. Fishing. Hunger.

Snapyazhenie. Technology.


Frozen pond.

Ice. Swamp.

Survival in tpopikah.


Clothing and shoes.



Fighting Chemical traveler.

In tpopicheskom forest.

Vpednye tpopikov animals.

Tpopicheskie disease.

About tpopicheskih diseases in general.

Survival in the hot desert.

Protection from the sun and zhapy.

Heat udapa.

Survival in the arctic zone.

Residence. Clothing and shoes.

Meals. Protection mopoza.

After Kupinaya
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