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VKontakte is a social network for fast and convenient communication between people around the world. You can exchange messages and share photos, follow the news of your friends and make new friends, watch videos and listen to music, join communities and play games.
The task of VKontakte is to remain the most modern, fast and aesthetic way of communicating on the network at any given moment.

Votes is a universal conditional unit for acquiring paid features of VK applications, as well as gifts and stickers. Voices cannot pay for advertising.

Website Address:
Attention, if you buy an account with votes, then the minimum number is 200 votes.
1. Enter the required number of votes, select a payment method, specify the address of your page and data for authorization, if you buy an account, then specify only the page address and pay.
2. After payment you will receive a 16-digit code, you must give it to the seller in any convenient way (attach to the product, through correspondence with the seller or through the "Ask a question" on the product page) and wait for the delivery of the goods.
3. Wait for voice up to 72 hours from the moment of code transmission and data submission. If the seller is online, the votes will be delivered very soon. Sometimes there may be delays, wait and the votes will be delivered without fail.

1. If you need voices for games, then you can buy here: You need a different amount, write before buying, we will discuss.
2. If the seller is online, the delivery of the goods is as fast as possible.
3. Votes are delivered directly to your personal account or the data of the finished account is provided.
4. Guarantee against scammers 100%.
5. For communication, use contacts only from this page:
6. If you buy votes not through the page, your purchase violates the VK User Agreement, for which you may be given a block. If you have been blocked, there is no need to write a negative review or swear, we are not responsible for your page!
7. Refunds are made only in case of non-delivery of goods. Unless the reason was technical reasons (blackout, no internet, etc.)! The fact of non-delivery is confirmed by displaying the screen via Skype or other programs! When you receive the data of the finished account, record the data verification process on video.
8. All claims after product delivery will be accepted within 24 hours.

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02.01.2023 21:04:48
Товар пришел довольно таки быстро, мне все понравилось. Продавец вежлив, не ругается и не спорит с вами. Отзыв никем не куплен, не накручен, сугубо мое мнение
14.09.2022 14:51:24
Быстро и качественно
04.09.2022 14:02:26
Очень доволен работой, выполнили в течении суток)
22.08.2022 1:19:49
Сделано все быстро и четко 👍💥
28.02.2022 10:09:26
Пришли все 60 голосов которые и покупал. Аккаунт не увели. Покупка была 2 захода, сначала 45 а потом ещё 15. Пришло всё достаточно быстро, рекомендую.
12.06.2021 20:52:25
Голоса пришли в течении 15 часов... но я лапухнулась, этими голосами нельзя расплачиваться в играх вк( что печально(
02.01.2021 12:52:06
29.12.2020 9:33:20
Спасибо вам
26.12.2020 0:11:14
Всё быстро и качественно
19.12.2020 13:43:02
Все быстро и качественно всем рекомендую