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Genre: RPG (Role Play)
Developer: Blizzard
Foreign publisher: Activision-Blizzard
Publisher in Russia: "1C-SoftKlab"
Release Date: November 2013
English language


This game is considered by many to be the most popular role-playing game of our time. The game, which established the new laws of the genre, reversed the idea of ​​collective games and set the standard for the game through the Internet. Diablo II - the game is simple enough to make it easy for almost anyone to get involved in, and so exciting and varied that you can play it for years.
Over time, the game not only has not lost its relevance, but also continues to attract more and more new fans and connoisseurs of this genre.

KEY FEATURES "Diablo 2":

• Diablo II was created for three years at the famous studio Blizzard Entertainment, the authors of strategic bestsellers Warcraft and StarCraft.
• The player can choose from five classes of characters: Barbarian, Sorceress, Palladin, Necromancer, and Amazon. By choosing one of them, you will begin a journey full of dangers in four gigantic worlds and countless number of dungeons towards the devil himself.
• Randomly generated dungeons do not allow even an experienced player to relax. Thanks to this system, you can play Diablo II almost infinitely.
• Atmospheric video screensavers and superb design create the necessary atmosphere and help to showcase the twists and turns of a massive storyline.
• Multiplayer with tens of thousands of opponents through a special service - incredible adventures in online mode are available only to owners of the licensed version.


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