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Truth has always existed, and answers to your questions were

given thousands of years ago. Since the time of Jesus, Patanjali, Confucius,

Buddha Nothing new. Is that sets steel

a little different, but the man still looking for the puzzle of life,

located therein.

What is the book about? For information on how to find myself. Find your way and

pass it. Become a holistic and live in harmony with the environment.

This book does not belong to any of the existing religions

or philosophical systems, but at the same time, it brings together all

directions and find the grain of truth that is hidden in the center

of each worldview.

The uniqueness of the book lies in the fact that his style and

the method of presentation, it consists of two different parts. If the first

the head is made on the basis of Zen philosophy texts

no logical conclusion, the subsequent parts give

deep understanding of the world order, and answers to questions that

people face in their lives.
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20.05.2015 20:41:39
Огромное спасибо автору за руководство к действию для переосмысления и улучшения качества моей жизни. Я уже читала первую редакцию этой книги раньше и в тот момент она стала для меня серьёзной поддержкой. Это прекрасное пособие для тех, кто не хочет утонуть в обыденной рутине, а стремится к самосовершенствованию!