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CS:GO Prime Status- 2 medals - steam account. (Region Free)

I ask you to pay special attention to this point.
To add friends. Trading platform. Inventory and other accounts
Have not been tested. The lack of something is not a reason to change your account or return
The only reason for replacing or refunding money is the validity of the account and the availability of the vaccine.

Login and password and mail from the account is delivered instantly in automatic mode.

Buying this product you get a username and password and mail from your steam account.

What to do after purchase:
1. Download and install the program Steam.
2. Log into your account by entering the username and password that you received after payment.
3. Change the e-mail, then the password.
4. The same can include Steam Guard. (If you decide not to change emeyl not in any way not to do it !!!!!)
5. Download the game / games in the library and start playing in licensed games on Steam.
6. We strongly recommend that you use complex passwords for the account and mailbox.
7. Write the new data from forget them.If you have forgotten your password, or even any data on the
Account is not a warranty sluchaem.zameny bhp in the case will not be


08.08.2022 17:48:34
холошо спасибо!
24.07.2022 5:51:50
perfect, just as described
03.05.2022 14:23:27
Best of best legid reliable ( safe guys legit dont cant revoked risk unused cant recovered i bought 25 account here)
02.05.2022 23:03:34
Russki russki rujjskki seller best ruskki RUSSCCKİ RUCCKİ
08.07.2021 13:12:11
Хороший продавец, рекомендую. Ответил быстро
11.06.2021 4:46:07
20.04.2020 22:49:00
20.03.2020 22:36:36
Thnks trusted seller in best seller
20.03.2020 16:59:26
12.02.2017 16:15:25
Спасибо CS Пришла......