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I suggest you to the base of the 45 catalogs and 90 base Trust sites where you can place your link for free.
Successful promotion of your website profiles - a very envious of spammed! Himself selected and drove five of the sites, most of the references are sitting in the index.

On sites with base Stateyny sites:
- All the sites tested for performance;
- Surveys are created and remain there forever;
- Links can be left as anchor and bezakornye.
- 45 free high-quality reviews.

On sites with a base of trust sites:
- All the sites tested for performance;
- Links are left in the profiles;
- 90 Trust sites.

What does the run?
- Improving the position of bass and midrange requests;
- Quality reference weight;
- A great start to a new site;
- Tits 20;
- Reduces the budget for promotion;
- For the year I noticed that was lifted only 15% of the articles.

Examples of a few of my sites.

1 car theme, traffic 250 a day, TIC 20, low demand growth, the average article - 1600 characters.

2 site on the theme of the game, the average article - 600 characters. One month after the first run, starts to go traffic, now it is 700 visitors per day. Height LF, MF and HF multiple requests constantly increasing extradition.

3 themes software. It sits well on the midrange and bass, traffic up to 300 people, Tits 10. The average article - 500 characters.

4 cooking theme. Website abandoned, Tietz was 10.
The total number of sites 135.
Sites do not have the tagand


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