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Publisher: Krylov

Year: 2004

Pages: 192

Format: PDF

"Business Road: Jack Welch," will help any manager, entrepreneur or investor learn from the history of Jack Welch. It is - at the same time inspiring chronicle of a successful business venture, and an invaluable source of enlightening information for the next generation of winners.

Jack Welch - one of the most successful and controversial business leaders in the world. He led General Electric, a US corporation standard, 45 years old, becoming the youngest leader of the company. Welch completely transformed before the conservative group. Its activity has left a bright trace in the history of corporate America. Business General Electric has been completely transformed: some activities have been stopped, there were hundreds of new ones. Fortune Magazine named Welch `coolest boss Ameriki`. General Electric has become less bureaucratic and complacent, becoming a company with flexible policies and structures ready to respond to any call to the corporate world. This extraordinary change program has become a model for the business of the XXI century.


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