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Windows 10 Pro contains all the features of the release of Windows 10 Home plus important business functions - encryption, remote login, creating virtual machines and much more. It is installed not only on desktop PCs, laptops and tablets, but also smartphones and TVs.Purchase Information. </ delivery>
After payment, you instantly receive a license key for activating the Windows 10 Pro OEM product and links to the original ISO image. The buyer pays only the activation code. All references to the original images supplied with the key are exclusively a bonus from the store. The electronic license key is delivered without any boxes, stickers, disks, etc. in the form of a text form (XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX)
The number of PC-1 is a personal computer.
License type - OEM license (Original Equipment Manufacturer)
Language - any (multi-lingual support)
The bit depth is 32-bit or x-86/64-bit or x-64.
Regional binding - no, the key can be used anywhere in the world.
Activation - online (via the Internet) and by phone.
License validity period - unlimitedThe license is not an update, MSDN or Dreamspark, it´s a full-time license. </ attention>
The key must be entered ONLY on the original "clean" image with a "clean" BIOS and ONLY on one PC. Do not try to activate your old "gray", broken system or update. The supplier gives a guarantee only for the original "clean" ISO and "clean" BIOS. Activate an OEM license is not so easy, and in some cases it´s impossible at all without having certain skills (a number of technical issues, hardware problems with the manufacturer, etc.), but if the license succeeds, the license "lives" while your PC "lives".
From customer feedback - "The key was sent immediately after the payment." On laptops with Windows preinstalled, that is, for those that have their OEM key, it will not activate, and on the assembled PC the activation was instantaneous. "attentionATTENTION ATTENTION ATTENTION
Each key supplied is described by PKeyConfig-an image configuration that the key activates. It can be specific (for example PKeyConfig: Windows 10 RTM 10240), or universal. The image on your PC may not match the configuration of the purchased key, and you may need to reinstall the system to another image. Required for the key image, from the data to the purchased key, the client is downloaded independently on third-party resources, friends, forums, etc .. </ attention>attentionAttention. Be sure to read.
In connection with the increased incidences of fraud, additional conditions for the purchase of goods are introduced:
1. For his money, the customer receives only a license OEM activation key and no more. All links to images, links to help on activation errors, help with product activation, etc. go exclusively in the form of a bonus.
2. Since the OEM license implies an independent installation of the system and its activation by installers by professionals, claims related to this issue will not be accepted. Those who are not sure of their abilities to install and activate the system are strongly advised to refrain from buying or buying at the office. site for the retail price of the civil version (15,299.00 ₽), or MSDN temporary keys outside this site.
3. The keys are new, and sold on the principle of one key in one hand. After the sale, the entire responsibility for the safety and activation of the key lies with the buyer (since the store does not have the ability to control the sold key). The keys can only be exchanged and returned if they are blocked by Microsoft.
When you pay for a product, you automatically and unconditionally agree to additional terms. </ attention>
Note: for customers who want to purchase a real Windows operating system, purchasing an OEM version is the most profitable way of purchasing, since there are no full versions of Windows in the corporate licensing (only updates are available), and boxed versions have a higher price. OEM versions can be used ONLY on the computer on which they were originally installed. For example, on a laptop in a store, or on a system technician in a repair shop. The product is attached to the computer, the motherboard (usually). In other respects, the OEM license does not differ from the retail boxed version, and therefore the key period is not limited!
Some users are interested in the question whether the OEM software is considered legal and whether it is legal to use it. Yes, using such products is completely legal. However, there are some limitations that you take on yourself when buying such a product.
OEM Limitations
- The OEM version can only be used on the PC on which it was originally installed. This is the main limitation that distinguishes OEM versions from versions purchased by other methods of licensing.
- If the customer purchases a new computer, he must purchase a new copy of the OEM product for him. You can not transfer an OEM license to this computer from an old PC, even if the old computer is no longer in use.
- If the user wants to transfer or sell the old computer with the OEM version of the software installed on it to another user, then all parts of the OEM license are transferred with the computer.
The client, receiving the OEM license (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and opening it, thereby assumes all the terms of the "License for the system builder". In particular, it assumes that the collector (in this case the client itself) will have to install and activate the software on the computer on its own.attentionActivating by phone. </ attention>
If you installed the product and do not want to be activated via the Internet - try on the phone. Right-click on the Start menu and start the command prompt with administrator rights.
At the command prompt, enter the following entry:
slmgr -ipk XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX (instead of XXX ... enter your key).
And we wait for the appearance of a window informing about the successful installation of the key.
Then enter the command:
slui 4
The operating system activation wizard will start. We choose our country and move on.
In the next step you will see the activation service phones and a special code consisting of nine blocks of 7 digits.
We call (from a mobile phone) to a toll-free number (robot) / paid (operator).
By free number, the conversation will not be with the operator. You will listen to the commands of the answering machine and at the appropriate moments press the special buttons on the phone.
Here´s how to activate:
If you are an individual user, press 1 on the phone. Next 2. Next 1.
An explanation of the activation will begin.
Enter the first group - the first 7 digits. Enter the second group - the second 7 digits. And so on.
If you hear the phrase - your data is accepted, then everything is fine, the key is working.
Dictation of numbers will begin. In the Activation Wizard window, click on the "Enter confirmation code" button and fill in the appropriate fields.
When everything is full, activate the system.


11.08.2019 16:59:46
Вообщем купил я тут с неделю назад "Windows 10 Pro (x32-x64) 1 ПК OEM" .... ну и всё это время пытался установить её...что я только не делал , просто не представляете какие танцы с бубном!!!!! Подумал уже что кидалово,,, Но нет всё обошлось, пришлось ставить более раннюю версию винды...В итоге в момент обновления где то 10019 у меня активировалась! счастью просто нет предела! Так что могу сказать одно...чуваки...смело покупайте,НО только в том случае если вы уверены в своих силах что сможете поставить сами систему как надо...
04.01.2019 15:28:42
На threadripper 2950 намучился с пиратскими паками винды. Установил лицензию и все как по маслу,спасибо вам огромное
25.12.2018 20:55:12
Отличный продовец.Спасибо.
22.12.2018 15:03:31
Спасибо большое, все отлично!
Сразу активировал ключ!
06.12.2018 12:53:27
Ключ пришел сразу после оплаты. Отличный продавец
17.10.2018 16:12:14
Все быстро пришло
09.10.2018 0:52:03
Ключ получил сразу после оплаты.
23.06.2018 1:33:48
Очень терпеливый саппорт, помогли с проблемами при установке ключа
01.05.2018 14:33:10
01.05.2018 14:30:49