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Game version: Origin (last version)
Supported OS: Microsoft® Windows® Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1
Status: Available
DirectX Support: 10(beta, only in window mode), 11

Supported anti-cheats :


-Activate or deactivate the aimbot
-Activate or deactivate full auto aimbot
-Autoshoot By pressing aimkey the weapon will fire when an enemy becomes available.
-Aimbot with full bone aim
-aim support for crossbow for all three arrows
-With Vehicle Aimbot (Support all vehicles in game!) 1st person +3d person support! pwn ur enemy with 3d cam:)
-With Jet Aimbot (automatic aimbot u must just hold aimkey.) 1st person + 3d person support.
-Jet aimbot - full autopilot, perfect control of the aircraft you will like god in sky
-With Heli Gunner and Pilot Aimbot
-Activate or deactivate No Spread/No Recoil/No Shake
-Activate or deactivate Auto Fire
-Check if targets are visible
-Activate or deactivate No Breath
-Aiming options - Switch Target/Aim Lock
-Select a bone from the list from foot to head
-Aiming Variants - Near Crosshair/Closest Enemy/Lowest Health
-Aiming Force - how strong die aimbot aims to a other target
-Define your own bulletspeed for weapons. (for better prediction)
-Define your own AimKey, with alternative aim key
-Limit aim angle from the aimbot
-One Shot Kill - Infantry only. Kill each enemy with one shot!
-MagicBullets - kill your enemy via wall with 1 bullet
-New: Bullet Modifer - Control ur Bullets per shot, 5 bullets, 5 med kits e.t.c :)
-New: Damage Control - Control ur damage 0hp dmg per shot or 200hp :)

-Reveal Enemies
-Reveal you own team
-Reveal all Vehicles (with exact name)
-Show Players health
-Show Distance to the player
-Show Bounding Box over the player/vehicle
-Show a dot on each player
-Show a extra crosshair
-define your colors for Enemy/Team/Vehicle/Crosshair/Visible Color
-Visible Warnings
-Enemy is aiming at you function
-Show Explosives -c4/Rockets/Nades e.t.c
-Show Pickups healt box/ammo box/weapons e.t.c
-Show Bullets - bullets esp

-Load and Save hack settings
-Create multiple hack profiles.
-Pb secure mode. When a violation returns from the server the hack are auto kicking you.
-Jet Helper key. Fly always with the best speed.

-Record Bypass. Record clean video with hack (If u guys want to show all ur uber skillz you can do it now ;))
-Hack works always for the latest patch
-PB secure. You can play with this hack on all pb-enabled servers.
-PB Screenshot cleaner. Hack auto turn off when a screenshot is made.
-KillSounds support Default/EvilSounds/FpsDoug

-Customize the whole menu
-Define your own style
-Profile option for the menu
-Select and save menu-key
-With menu sounds
-Clock Display
-Fps Display


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