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Description of the private reader functionality of ELEPHANT for CSGO (CSGO) from ARMGAMES </ attention>

*** RAGE | Fury ***
Rage Aimbot - looks at 360 degrees and instantly kills all enemies
Hitchansee - Accuracy of Rage Aimbot
Auto Crouch - Automatically sits down when fired
Auto Stop - Automatically stops when shot
Spinbot - Krutilka or Anti Aimbot

*** Legit | Caution***
Aimbot - Automatically brings your sight
Hitbox - Where it will lead (Head, Body, etc)
Fov - The radius of debugging of Aimbot
Smooth - How smoothly brings Aimbot
RCS - Control your return on shooting
Triggerbot - Automatic shot when the enemy hits your target
Autopistol - Allows you to shoot with a clasp, not clicks
Show cross recoil - A sight in the center of the screen, which when shooting shows where your bullets are flying

*** ESP | Wallhack | Valhak ***
BoxType - Draws squares around enemies
Health - Displays the number of lives over enemies
Name - Displays the enemy´s name
Glow - Highlights the outline of the enemy. Displays through the walls + changes color if you do not see the enemy
Glow Weapon - Illuminated weapon
Head - Point on the enemy´s head
Flash - Allows you to track whether the enemy is blinded or not
Ammo - Displays the number of cartridges in an enemy weapon
Chams - Fill the enemy´s texture (3 types) + Change its color if the enemy is behind the wall
Bone - Displays the skeleton on enemies + Changes its color if the enemy is behind the wall

*** Misc | Other ***
Bhop or Banihop - Sprint + acceleration
Radar or Radarhak - Displays enemies with red dots on your mini-map
Rank revealer - Displays wounds in MM
Airstuck - Allows you to hang in the air
Nade esp - Displays flying grenades
Bomb esp - Displays the installation location of C4
Bomb damage - Displays damage from C4
NoFlash - You can not be blinded
Auto accept - Automatically accepts the found MM match
Fov view - Changes your viewing angle in the game

*** Skinchanger | Change of skins ***
You can put yourself any knife and any skin for all weaponsWe recommend that you play in the activation mode with the key, you can use it at the right time, when waiting with AWP, when you leave the corner, and many more different situations.
We also recommend not to abuse the entire responsibility of the game with an autoshot on you if you are a beginner and start to just make the floor of the team I think many will try to commit you, use to the measure of a pleasant game. </ Attention>

Why they trust us.
? 1. More than 106,000 satisfied customers.
? 2. It´s already been 3 years on the market.
? 3. For the whole history of Triggerbot, not a single Baccarat.
? 4. Trigger bot has already killed more - 6,004,573 players.
? 5. More than 1000 positive reviews from our customers.
? 6. Dozens of clans playing with our triggerball.
? 7. Operative technical support, responding to more than 1000 questions.
? 8. Standing online and the ability to collect a chat stack of associates.
? 9. Operational updates and innovations.
? 10. Constant contests and bonuses to active players.

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