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Greetings! We have recently opened so far so few reviews, we are looking forward to the buyers. Sale of coins on a PC by the LOWEST PRICE !!!

Payment via Webmoney:
100 000 coins = 100r.
1 000 000 coins = 1000r.

Payment through QIWI:
100 000 coins = 103r.
1 000 000 coins = 1030r.

The process of buying coins:
1.Before paying them MUST contact me on the chat on the site of the pay site (chat on the site often shows offline all the same write, sms will come, we are online from 08-00 to 02-00 every day)
2. You pay.
3. Next, how and how to negotiate in chat.

For the transfer EA retains a tax of 5% of the transaction amount. I take it upon myself for a positive response.
The withdrawal is left after the transfer of the principal amount, and after, you just expose the items for the amount of the commission. Later you receive as many coins as you paid
REMEMBER that the rules of the game (as in any other game) prohibit the purchase of game currency or any other transactions for real money, in the case of sanctions, the seller does not bear any responsibility and there can not be any claims.


04.09.2020 17:30:39
советую этого продавца, покупаю у него в 4 раз.
03.09.2020 15:13:38
покупаю уже несколько раз, самый лучший курс, быстрая доставка монет, грамотная консультация. всем советую
26.08.2020 19:00:30
покупаю монеты уже 2 раз. всем советую
25.06.2019 20:28:40
Быстро,качественно, надежно!
12.04.2019 19:21:07
Спасибо все было быстро и четко,всегда покупаю у этого продавца!
11.02.2019 20:23:56
Спасибо за монеты,продавец хороший,не обманывает!
13.01.2019 19:48:38
спасибо продавцу все быстро и качественно)
10.11.2018 13:53:53
Спасибо вам,все очень быстро!
24.08.2018 17:51:29
Все ок
14.08.2018 9:14:43