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1. The concept and essence of the penitentiary law.
2. The principles of the criminally-executive law.
3. Aims and objectives of the penitentiary legislation.
4. The concept and content of the legal status (status) of persons serving sentences.
5. The procedure and conditions of the penalty of deprivation of the right to occupy certain positions or engage in certain activities.
6. The order and conditions of execution of the penalty of deprivation of special, military or honorary title, class rank and state awards.
7. The concept and legal regulation of performance (serving) restrictions on freedom.
8. The execution of a sentence of hard labor.
9. The classification of convicts.
10. Means of treatment in prisons.
11. Stimulation measures applied to convicts.
12. Sanctions applied to prisoners.
13. Order and conditions of execution of the arrest.
14. Execution of sentence in a penal colony.
15. Execution of sentence in a penal colony.
16. Execution of punishment in the correctional colony of special regime.
17. The order of presentation for the early release from punishment.
18. Social adaptation of persons released from punishment, and measures to ensure it.
19. The main content of international standards for the treatment of prisoners is not associated with deprivation of liberty.


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