02.10.2020 19:25:11
Got replaced one
28.09.2020 1:01:20
Really good customer service! Always a pleasure .
23.09.2020 16:28:13
very goood seller
03.09.2020 8:57:18
account didnt work at first but the seller replaced it quickly
30.08.2020 7:55:42
Ответственный продавец! Все ок!
27.08.2020 13:23:00
спасибо продавцу все ок. thanks! everything works!
23.08.2020 22:27:31
Все прекрасно работает, спасибо)
23.08.2020 1:45:24
This kid is sending me tons of new accounts that i dont want or need, while im asking for a refund because the first account, that he sold me was compromised and i made a big progress with it. Dont buy accounts from him, they will probably get hacked or the password will get changed in a couple of days so basically if u buy from him, you just send him money for free. I reccomend buying minecraft accounts from other guys who provide access to the minecraft.net website and also full email access , so you can secure the account and never lose it. Good luck guys!
21.08.2020 17:44:14
Купил 2 аккаунта , всё окей
20.08.2020 0:14:39
Account doesn´t work