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What is clairvoyance?

-Neproyavlennye Abilities. Vibrations. Advanced vision. Astral bodies chuvstv.Svoystva buddhic plane. Influence of hypnosis. The first manifestations of yasnovideniya.Klassifikatsiya.

Simple clairvoyance: FULL

-Efirnoe Vision. The ethereal beings. New colors. - Astral vision. Naskvoznost. Aura. - The inhabitants of the astral world. Continuous consciousness. - Direct knowledge

Simple clairvoyance: PARTIAL

-Time Clairvoyance. Prizraki.Vysshy world.

Clairvoyance in space: intentions

- The vision at a distance. Astral Telegraph. - Psychic telescope. Mental images. The astral wandering. Philadelphia clairvoyant. - Other examples. Mary Goff. Mayavirupa. - Country man. Other planets.


-Glyadenie The crystal. Hypnosis

Clairvoyance in space unintentionally

Captain Ionith. The Duke of Orleans. - Siege of Multan. Little experience Stead.

Clairvoyance TIME past

-Akasha-Chronicle. Height aury.Iskazhennoe reflection. - Personal equation. The fourth dimension. - Interesting book. Strange but conclusively. - Psychometry. What kind of picture are chronicles. - Past lives. Determining the date. Recollection. - Value znaniya.Bessoznatelnaya psihometriya.- Tsshokke story.

Clairvoyance IN TIME: THE FUTURE.

Cause and effect. When possible choice. According to Dr. Lodge. Second Sight. - A terrible vision. Bull and the doctor Sleep housekeeper. - Foresight murder. Warning. - Spectral army. Mountain Souther Fell. - Leprosy spirits. Perfume gallows.


Healing magnetism. How to achieve an apprenticeship. -Tosva.-Ogranicheniya.-future awaits us.


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