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Loyalty discount! If the total amount of your purchases from the seller more than:

$10 the discount is 3%
$20 the discount is 4%
$30 the discount is 5%
$40 the discount is 6%
$50 the discount is 7%
$100 the discount is 10%
$200 the discount is 15%
$1000 the discount is 25%
$5000 the discount is 30%
Minecraft – an unusual game which world consists of blocks with various characteristics and textures. It unites in itself elements of "sandbox" with a possibility of creation. And it is possible to create here everything that it will be necessary for soul, from available blocks which at a game there are more than hundred types. At the moment in Minecraft there are three modes: creative, hardcore and survival.

Benefits an account premium before regular:

- The premium gives the chance to put to itself skin
- The premium gives the chance to play on Premium servers
- The premium gives the chance to play on the MineZ servers
- At deaths door the stock isn´t devastated
- An opportunity to come on the server even if it is crowded
- In case of an entrance on the server there is no text "Try in 3 seconds"

After payment, you obtain data for an entrance in the client of MineCraft in the form of login@mail:password

Also data completely match data from the website - on which you with ease can change the password on the account

Confidential questions aren´t established on the account (they are absent!!!)

If the obtained data don´t match data of access to mail - it isn´t the basis for replacement!

After that:
- We download the client of a game
- Let´s become authorized in game KLIENTE\SAYTE through the payments obtained later data
- You change the password and if it is possible - mail
- We enjoy the licensed game Minecraft
- Purchased items not refundable. Possible replacement, if you provide weighty reasons for this (non-business data, freezing of an account)
- Threats, blackmail, insults to the seller in the correspondence - lock your purchases and subsequent appeal to you in administration
- Money-back provided if you are proven right, but the seller does not have a replacement, the corresponding description of the purchased goods
- If you have a complaint on the quality of purchased goods, you are required to inform the seller immediately after the purchase. Later claims are
- All items are checked daily and the chance to get a non-working items negligibly small!


04.04.2021 13:05:05
04.03.2021 0:20:18
продавец заменил нерабочый аккаунт на новый хотя я и не записывал видео когда покупал аккаунт, всем советую
15.02.2021 18:12:50
Вроде работает, спасибо за понимание
12.02.2021 21:31:12
very nice
06.02.2021 20:13:59
все хорошо, сделали замену
05.02.2021 3:46:34
Account is working as it should. Have bought 2 accounts and never had problems. Recommended seller
22.01.2021 15:26:02
20.01.2021 14:15:49
При покупке возникли проблемы с тем, что данные для входа оказались не валидными. Но продавец достаточно оперативно выслал новые. Все отлично.
20.01.2021 8:39:32
Nice product and quality! =)
20.01.2021 8:39:26
Nice product and quality! =)