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Just one movement - and we communicate with friends, buy new equipment, learn the latest world news. But the same movement is sufficient to digital trail that we reserve every new connection, becoming wider and wider. Where we were, what we liked and what caused the hostility ... This applies not only to the people. Today, every major city enmeshed in a network. Urban infrastructure run sophisticated operating systems.
The name of the network in «Watch_Dogs» - the central operating system (ctOS). Now all the equipment and information - even personal data of city residents - under its control.
Your protagonist Aiden Pearce - brilliant hacker and former thug, whose criminal past led his family to a horrible tragedy. With the ease of manipulating ctOS, in search of retribution you to monitor and hack all around; get access to the ever-present surveillance cameras; You can upload personal information to track down the target, and control traffic lights and public transport to deal with the enemies ... and more.
Administer their justice, the whole city can be your weapon.

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