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Events Splinter Cell: Blacklist will start six months after the end of Splinter Cell: Conviction. One day, several militant nations put an ultimatum to the United States of America - birthplace of democracy or withdrawing its military forces from their territory, or reaping the benefits of the dire consequences that follow disobedience. These same effects are directly related to the title "black list» (Blacklist) - a string of successive terrorist attacks on US facilities of high importance. Who will help the country get out of this situation? Name savior everyone knows - Sam Fisher (Sam Fisher). At the beginning of the game, Sam becomes a part of the "Fourth Echelon» (Fourth Echelon), whose mobile headquarters is the plane of strategic intelligence, gains access to the so-called "Interface Strategic Planning Missions» (Strategic Mission Interface) - the operating system, allowing the fly to analyze all of the available information and to choose the best of all possible options - and sent to punish the enemies of the United States.

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