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The player assumes the role of director of a private company, which is engaged in the construction of cities and the establishment of production chains resources. Unlike previous games where the cards were created using procedural generation, in Anno 2205 map made by hand and can offer players a unique setting such as the repair of destroyed dams or development of the archipelago of several islands. Anno 2205 offers players the opportunity to "multisession" of the game, when every single city being built in one or another part of the same world, and you can build up the cities of the planet

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11.01.2017 19:44:28
Всё работает, спасибо!
26.07.2016 20:51:44
bought an acc but cant play cause the game was purchased through steam and i dont have the prev owner steam acc info
after 24 H shop support gave me a valid acc. thx