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Mustakimov RR Improving customs legislation in the context of sustainable development of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Article)

Socio-economic transformations of the modern Kazakhstan, led to a major change in the role and importance of the many areas of activity and spheres of control that make up the foundation of the life of Kazakh society. Among these areas should be called customs business.

Today, in the context of sustainable economic development, given the role of the customs service of the state regulation of foreign economic activity of the tool, which is dependent on the work of development of the priority areas of the economy, the development of entrepreneurship, including small and medium-sized businesses. Significant levels of investment, the growth of foreign trade and the prospects for Kazakhstan to join the WTO - all of these factors suggest improving the forms and methods of customs.
Legislation in the field of foreign trade, regulating the development of foreign trade relations must keep up with the realities of the world and domestic economy, the flexibility to restructure, serving new economic schemes, and possibly by working ahead of the curve, to provide a more progressive economic and legal forms of activity of traders. Currently, in the Republic of Kazakhstan formation of the legal framework of customs law, which is an important prerequisite for creating the necessary preconditions for effective foreign economic activity of the state.


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