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Loyalty discount! If the total amount of your purchases from the seller more than:

$30 the discount is 1%
$50 the discount is 2%
$75 the discount is 3%
$100 the discount is 5%
$200 the discount is 7%
$300 the discount is 10%
Huge request! If you have any questions or problems, write to your personal correspondence!

Minecraft is an unusual game, the world of which consists of blocks with different characteristics and textures. It combines sandbox elements with the ability to create. And here you can create whatever your heart desires from the available blocks, of which there are more than a hundred types in the game. There are currently three modes in Minecraft: creative, hardcore, and survival.

Benefits of a premium account over a regular one:

- Premium gives you the ability to set yourself a skin
- Premium allows you to play on Premium servers
- Premium allows you to play on MineZ servers
- At death the inventory is not emptied
- Ability to log into the server even if it is full
- When entering the server there is no sign "Try in 3 seconds"

After payment, you will receive login data for the MineCraft client in the form login @ mail: password

Also, the data completely coincides with the data from the site - where you can easily change your account password

Access to mail is not verified, since you are purchasing access to the game!

If the received data does not match the data of access to mail - this is not a reason for replacement!

- Download the game client
- Log in to the CLIENT \ SITE of the game through the data received after payment
- Change your account password
- Enjoy the licensed Minecraft game

- The bought goods aren´t subject to return. Replacement is possible in case you provide the reasons powerful for this purpose (non-working data, the blocked account)
- Threats, blackmail, an insult towards the seller in correspondence - blocking of your further purchases and the complaint to you in administration
- Manibek is provided if you have proved the case, but the seller has no replacement corresponding to the description of the bought goods
- If there are claims on quality of the bought goods, you are obliged to tell the seller AT ONCE after purchase. After a claim aren´t considered
- All goods are checked daily and chance to receive non-working item is insignificant small!


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