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1. Supertel! The unique technique of developing a strong body without simulators and "chemistry"! 2

2. DRINK OF CHAMPIONS. Recipes protein shakes to build muscle 4

3. Growing up - it's great! A unique and practical guide for the accelerated increase in growth

at any age 4

4. Lose weight - no problem! An effective method of weight loss without starvation diets and exercises 7

5. With a simple tummy! As the "remove" stomach rastolstevshie 8

6. supermemory. The most effective method of supermemory 8

7. Polyglot. Toolkit for the study of any foreign language 11

05. Fast reading. How to increase the speed of reading and memorizing old 15

9. FOR YOUR EYES. The original method of correcting defects of 17

10. Get rid of thinness! Collection of practical advice for anyone who wants to cure thinness 17

11. This unique! Recipe preparation universal folk remedy for many diseases 18

12. HEALTHY TEETH. The unique technique of natural increase and dental treatment without filling 18

13. restful sleep. How to stop snoring for two weeks! 19

14. Alcoholism - trouble. Simple treatments for alcoholism traditional medicines 19

15. Smoking - harm. A reliable method for those who have decided to quit smoking once and for all! 19

/ 6. YOU irresistible! Methods and completely painless hair removal from the body 19

17. CHARMING hair! Recipes effective means for hair care 20

18. SELF. Recipes for the treatment of diseases based on the experience of traditional medicine 20

19. beauty recipes. Simple recipes for cosmetics 20

20. virility. Proven methods of recovery of potency 21

21. Secrets of the Pharaohs. The recipe for an elixir to enhance sexual function of the body 21

22. PERFECT BUST! How to maintain beautiful breasts and increase its volume in just a couple months! 21

23. wasp waist. The complex is effective exercises to reduce waist circumference 23

24. Feel good! Useful exercises for the modern woman! 23

25. LOVE AND HAPPINESS! How to keep your youth and beauty at any age 24

26. SEX - MAGIC. Magic art of charm and privorazhivaniya 25

27. A surprising number! Decrypt the keys and tables of Nostradamus for his knowledge of the fate of 27

28. SECOND WIND. How to develop your psychic ability and receive energy from space 30

29. HARMONY OF MIND. Development and training of telepathic abilities and clairvoyance 34

30. folk wisdom. How to treat the damage, the evil eye, fright 37

31. The power of the Spirit. How to develop the courage and confidence 40

32. New TV channels - every home! Manual assembly of simple television aerials for reception

41 new channels

33. without interference and distortion. How to build antenna amplifier for receiving remote telesignals 45

34. kinescope. A Recovery "shrunken" kinescope 45

35. defenders. Manufacturing technology handheld stun 46

36. SPY. How to build a device for listening to the premises and 46 car

37. GUARD. Guidelines for the production of universal radiosecurity device 46

38. ETERNAL LIGHT! How to make a simple light bulb "eternal"! 47

39. FROM XEROX MAGNIFIER. Manual reworking enlarger the home minikseroks 48

40. STAMPS AND DIES. Methods for the manufacture of seals and stamps 49

41. MAGIC LIQUID! Recipes for the removal of funds from the paper seals, stamps and records 50

42. FUR, skins and caps. Recommendations skilled furriers dressing skins and sewing fur hats 50

43. The assistant foreman. Description of manufacturing welding machine at 220 51

44. Electrodes for welding. Recipes production of welding electrodes and "thermite" pencil 52

45. FLASHING and shines! Technology restore enamel coating 52

46. \u200b\u200bfree gasoline on your own! Manual assembly of the apparatus for the manufacture of gasoline

of water and household gas 53



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