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Minecraft - an unusual game that the world consists of units with different characteristics and textures. It combines elements of the "sandbox" with the ability to create. And you can create whatever your heart pleases, of the available units, which in the game has more than a hundred types. At this point in Minecraft has three modes: creative, hardcore and survival.

Minecraft Premium:
- Premium for Minecraft allows to set itself skin (this is how it will look the player in the game)
- Premium for Minecraft allows to play Premium servers (there are very few)
- Premium for Minecraft allows to play on servers MineZ (
- Premium is necessary in order to get a fully licensed version of Minecraft (
- If the inventory is not depleted of death.
- At the entrance to the server there is no inscription "Try 3 seconds."
- Ability to access the server, even if it is full.
1. Pass through authentication acquired from us the details on the official website
2. Download the game client.
3. Play.


13.04.2021 14:30:01
Все выдалось. Спасибо, топ продавец. У другого брал, так и не выдали
10.04.2021 20:50:45
Пишет неправильный пароль
09.04.2021 19:14:38
Игнорят. акк не подошел.
04.04.2021 19:28:40
really bad seller The password of the accounts is constantly changing. Never choose this seller
25.03.2021 23:04:32
not work.
08.03.2021 12:15:22
Всё работает. Если аккаунт не валидный, делают замену. Не забывайте что
это аренда.
04.03.2021 18:10:22
Excellent seller, first account wasn´t working after 1 day got a nice account.
01.03.2021 20:57:35
ı bought 3 minecraft premium 2 account passaword changed and nobody helping
27.02.2021 14:01:02
bad seller
25.02.2021 13:39:37
acc was not working. seller gave me another one, but in one day after playing, my acc was cracked and now i cannt play. i changed password btw.
I want my money back!!!!!!!