04.03.2021 18:10:22
Excellent seller, first account wasn´t working after 1 day got a nice account.
01.03.2021 20:57:35
ı bought 3 minecraft premium 2 account passaword changed and nobody helping
27.02.2021 14:01:02
bad seller
25.02.2021 13:39:37
acc was not working. seller gave me another one, but in one day after playing, my acc was cracked and now i cannt play. i changed password btw. I want my money back!!!!!!!
24.02.2021 13:17:46
Неправильный пароль
15.02.2021 22:45:53
All is work .. good seller
09.02.2021 16:05:07
He gave me another account when he realized that the one he sold me didn´t work
29.01.2021 19:13:44
good seller. gave a replacement
24.01.2021 12:06:04
08.01.2021 18:07:58
Аккаунт рабочий. Посмотрим как поведет себя, когда начнут объединять аккаунт Моджанга и Майков.