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Buying this product, you immediately receive a licensed account of Tom Clancy´s Ghost Recon: Wildlands (uPlay).After the purchase, the data from the account will automatically come to your email address.On many accounts there are other games, such games are like bonuses.Access to mail is not provided. Account data can not be changed.
Guarantee 14 daysattentionThe game takes place in Bolivia, which is the largest drug supplier in the world. Deliveries are controlled by the drug cartel of Santa Blanca, a powerful organization, whose influence destabilizes the region. The US government is concerned about the growth of the drug cartel. As a result, the army of the United States sends an elite special unit "Ghosts" to unlock the connection between the drug cartel and the local government and destroy them./attention


14.12.2018 21:11:03
Все не с первого раза но всё же есть.
16.06.2018 18:54:17
Sonradan yeni sifre verdi duzeltti
12.09.2017 18:19:39
good account :=)
22.07.2017 17:47:55
Best seller
05.06.2017 18:20:28
Всё работает, аккаунт хороший, хотел недавно купить игры за тысяч 20 вообщем, но купил аккаунт за 100 рублей, где эти все игры есть, окупаемость 10/10, цена приемлема, особенно для ПТУ. Всем советую
13.05.2017 19:27:10
12.05.2017 21:58:50
02.05.2017 14:38:07
The best seller
28.04.2017 17:39:22
i get it.
it was awesome to see it.
i bought so many games from otshop.
do not bother to give a try.
again thx otshop <3
20.04.2017 13:39:25
спасибо большое!! аккаунт робочий