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Master, steal, fight and run away! It´s time to escape from the strictest prisons in the world, back to the life of the prisoners in The Escapists 2. And do you have enough strength to escape?

The best prison sandbox!

Risk everything to escape from the strictest prisons in the world. Explore the largest multi-storey prisons with roofs, ventilation and underground tunnels.

You will have to live according to the laws of prison, appear on roll calls, work and observe strict order, and at the same time you will translate your dreams of freedom into life!

In the course of your shoots you will visit the frosty Fort Tundra, on a train rushing through the desert, and even in outer space!

Create YOUR prisoner!

It´s time to make your prisoner yours for real. Choose from a huge base of various traits to make your character unique. It´s important to look stylish while preparing an escape plan.

To me, the team to escape!

Unite with 1-3 friends in the best team in the world to escape and come up with crazy plans together! Play online or get together on the couch to plan something bad together. By joining forces, you can come up with more

More complex and bold plans.

Want to compete? Rather, go into the game mode against each other and show that you know how to escape from prisons faster than your friends. And if this does not succeed, you can always solve all the problems of the fight in the prison yard!

Think about your escape!

Being in prison, you have to improvise and use everything that is at hand. It will be necessary to combine household items such as soap and socks to create new weapons and tools that will help achieve the goal. Steal the forks from the dining room to pick up the tunnel in your cell, and create a poster from magazines and scotch tape to disguise it. As you will soon learn, Scotch solves (almost) all the problems!

Be ready to fight!

In The Escapists 2, a completely new combat system has been added, with which each fight has become more interesting and interactive. You will have to block the blows and combine the attacks in the series and simultaneously move around the chosen target to get out of the fight as the winner. Do not forget to first go to the gym and pump up your muscles!

New ways to escape!

Prisons have become stricter, which means that you have to better think over your escape! There are a thousand ways to cope with escaping from almost any prison. Try, for example, to mix different medications so that it seems dead, and then the morgue will help you!


10 prisons
Multiplayer cooperative and competitive mode for 4 players
Multiplayer mode with split screen and the ability to enter and exit during the game
More than 300 character traits
Multi-storey prisons
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10.10.2020 17:16:41
Хороший товар
04.08.2020 10:45:00
Продавец хороший! Всё работает! Теперь могу играть с друзьями!
23.06.2020 23:25:35
Игра хорошая, все получил. Очень доволен
13.06.2020 21:50:06
Замечтательно всё! Уже сижу и сбегаю и чищу картошку в тюрьме!
12.06.2020 10:12:05
Все сразу пришло,без проблем
12.06.2020 10:11:13
Ключ пришел через секунд 10-15 после оплаты. Активировал в Steam всё отлично! Рекомендую
26.04.2020 6:12:37
Всё чётенько! Однозначно лайк
24.04.2020 17:58:36
пиздато,внатуре классно,охуенно,хорошо,отлично
04.04.2020 22:16:08
Всё ок советую если чё там написано место the escapists 2 overckoode 2 это если чё the escapists 2 не бойтесь удачи поиграть
31.03.2020 18:53:25
Всё отлично, ключ рабочий.