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Loyalty discount! If the total amount of your purchases from the seller more than:

$50 the discount is 1%
$150 the discount is 2%
$500 the discount is 3%
>>>>>>>>>>!!!!!! Leave good feedback and get 3% bonus for the next order !!!!!!!!!!!<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<</ attention>ATTENTION The unit of the goods is 100mln (100kk) ISK EVE </ delivery>

BenderMoney store game currency in your game.
We can buy ISK in EvE Online cheaply and quickly. ISK EvE Online for a low price and fast delivery.

TRANSFER ISK EVE is carried out through a contract

It is possible to transfer by other means
Your wishes for the method of transfer can be advised to the consultant when transferring the PIN-code

Our prices are always reasonable, the delivery never forgets about you, almost all orders are closed within 15 minutes.
To expedite delivery, we recommend that you contact the operator in advance on the website through contactsdeliveryAfter payment, you receive a unique 16-digit purchase PIN code, which
It is necessary to inform the OPERATOR SELFLY using the preferred form of communication:
Live chat, ICQ, Telegram, skype chat, email or chat on our website, contacts you can find on the page In the message, be sure:
!!! PIN-code and Nick in the game! and preferred time for delivery. </ delivery>attentionPlease note that different payment methods, have a commission and the price will be higher. The lowest commission when paying through WebMoney. </ Attention>
attentionATTENTION !!! Specify DIRECTLY BEFORE purchasing the presence of ISK from the operator in order to avoid delays in delivery
Our job is to reduce risks to zero. We are constantly improving ISK transmission methods to protect our customers, but as the rules say about the ban on the purchase of game values, there is always a chance to be punished.
By purchasing game values, you are entirely responsible for the risks.


15.05.2020 19:16:45
Все ок
08.05.2020 21:08:25
Быстро, удобно, надежно!
21.03.2020 19:28:28
Спасибо все ок
05.02.2020 15:43:59
Хороший продавец. все успешно и быстро
18.01.2020 22:26:39
Жду товара :)