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deliveryWARNING commodity unit is 1 kkk (bill) Aden </ delivery>

BenderMoney shop game currency in your game.
We can buy coin of luck server Fange cheap and fast. Coin of luck l2free Fange at a low price and fast delivery.

TRANSFER coin of luck carried by hand.

The transmission of other ways (such as through the auction).
His suggestions for a method of transmitting, you can tell the consultant when transmitting PIN-code

Our prices are always reasonable, delivery is never about you do not forget, almost all orders are closed for at least 15 minutes.
attentionATTENTION !!! Specify DIRECTLY BEFORE buying the presence of adena on your server from the operator in order to avoid delays in delivery </ attention>
Our job is to reduce the risk to zero. We are constantly improving methods of transmission coin of luck to protect our customers, but as the rules say the ban on the purchase of the game box, there is always the chance of being punished.
Buying game values, you are fully responsible for the risks.


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