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FLUMBIX - are MACROS WARFACE x16 & x27 since 2013 for Bloody and X7! MACROS for Warface no recoil - ultra packs, soft, left buttom mouse macros for X7, maximum accuracy macros, burst fire for random recoil!
MACROS only for Bloody and A4tech X7 with the internal memory! Macros Effects & X7 LBM macros only for automatic weapons! For mouse Bloody requires a minimum of Bloody5 2015.06.16A and activated 3 core! Not matching software Bloody is decided solely by the macros *.amc
Before you purchase MACROS check for the presence and the characteristics of your weapons in the game.
!!! Required reading before purchasing a macros
By purchasing you confirm that you clicked the link above and carefully read everything!
- video demonstration of the quality of the macros. The recoil are random and recorded on video the best moments!
Macros written for sensitivity in the game - 16.
May have to change in Windows in control panel -> Run "Mouse" -> Open the tab "pointer Options" -> Move -> Set "pointer Speed" in position 6 and be sure to uncheck the "Enable enhanced pointer precision".
The game has many options of recoil, up to the point available only to SCAR-L PDW with a unique handle, any other weapon has a random pattern with different levels of spread, a parametric recoil includes an exact pattern, random spread and the absolute random in any direction!
An explanation of the abbreviations:
x"digits" - is the magnification scope used in the macro
LKM - a macro to the Left Mouse Button
ARC - automatic right-click the mouse
BurstFire - shooting cut offs
SOFT - script on the technology of reducing vibration - soft
PRO PVE - proclick


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это че за хрен?
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пришло, спасибо
24.04.2018 15:53:22
Отличный макрос, что обычный, что софт. Рекомендую.
21.03.2018 17:39:31
отличный продукт
25.12.2017 19:07:59
Шикарнейший макрос
17.12.2017 22:13:55
как обычно всё СУПЕР!