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Learning to drive a car is not as difficult as it might seem at first. The professional level of drivers is very different. As in any other case, in driving can be a master, and can be just a driver. But a prerequisite for anyone who decided to travel by car - is to learn to reliable, safe driving. We must always remember that the car is a source of danger, so you need to learn to treat with the utmost seriousness.

The main purpose of this tutorial - help prospective drivers to acquire driving skills. These skills can work independently on any security for themselves and those around the site. As for the educational drive on the roads, here you need an assistant, having the experience of driving at least three years. In the tutorial recommendations on driving under different conditions. Its task is to role of your volunteers driver to minimize, t. E. Only to the safety net of your actions on the road.

Time to take as many sessions recommended that it was not a burden to you, and fun, but not more than two hours at a time. Otherwise, you will get tired.

Last wishes are addressing not the strongest people. Less listen to skeptics who may question your ability to drive a car, to discourage learning and destroy your faith in yourself. Here is a typical example. Suppose someone familiar drivers suggested that you try to learn to drive on his car. After explaining how and what to do, you do "all wrong." As a result, to listen to a categorical conclusion: "You do not drive a car is given, and it is not necessary to start." Do not attach any importance to this. It is known that one can be a good driver, but not every driver is able to teach driving another person. The old adage is true: "There are no bad students - there are bad teachers."

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