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This package contains solutions that allow you to increase the speed of the site load, circumvent the restrictions on mail delivery, specify the coordinates for all counterparties, as well as utilities that correct some defects caused by malfunctions and / or physical interference in the work of the catalog.
1) The "Fast Site" module is designed to speed up the operation of the site by caching data. This significantly reduces the load on the site, and primarily the load on the database, due to the fact that the data is saved to a file
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2) Modification "Extended E-mail distribution". The main function of this module is the ability to do the sending of messages despite the limitations of the directory script, hosting, processing time of scripts and so on.
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3) The module "Automatic Coordinate Determination." It allows you to set the coordinates for the companies on the map in one click.The coordinates output is in the form of a search on the map and the base geolocation.
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4) This "Set of utilities" will help to recalculate and distribute data according to the structure of the catalog database, and also to clean out the database and files dependent on unnecessary records.
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The price of all modules outside the package is $ 90
Package price 60 $
Discount 33% (-30 $)


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