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In a simple and accessible form, the principles of using solar energy converted into heat, electricity and other forms of energy are explained.

The types of solar collectors, the device and the principle of operation of solar installations, with the possibility of using heliosystems on personal plots, in an individual house and in agriculture are given. The technique for practical calculation, choice of materials, design features, manufacturing and installation of solar installations in the home is given.
For readers interested in solar systems, green energy, practical applications of solar energy in the

Contents of the book
Chapter One The energy potential of solar radiation and the physical basis for its use 8
1. General characteristics of solar radiation 8
2. Conversion of solar energy into heat, work and electricity 15
3. Getting cold by using solar energy 22

Chapter Two Solar collectors and heat accumulators 25
4. Types of solar collectors 25
5. Efficiency of solar collectors and methods of increasing it 30
6. Accumulators of heat 43
7. The Solar Pond 50

Chapter Three Solar installations for domestic use 32
8. Solar water heating systems 52
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