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About this game:

Horror. Violence. Madness. Bedlam.
Holiday holidays turned into something terrible.
The tropical island is filled with chaos after the mysterious appearance of crowds of zombies.
The only chance to survive is to fight to the death in order to find a way out of this island,
where you are simply cut off from the rest of the world.
Dead Island combines an action with a first-person view with special attention to close combat,
the development of your characters and the improvement of many types of weapons.
The game takes place under a veil of dark history, created under the impression of classical
movies about zombies, which will amaze you with its bold moves and tightening action,
which, moreover, you can, along with your friends in a cooperative mode,
supporting a simultaneous game of 4 people.
The action takes place in an open-air tropical island,
where the hordes of decaying zombies wait for players at every angle,
While they are trying to perform a series of exciting missions during their holiday holidays.
With a small stockpile of weapons and equipment, the player must rely on the correct handling
with melee weapons in dynamic battles with hordes of zombies for their defense.
A variety of adaptations will help to turn conventional weapons into an instrument of mass destruction.
In addition to the burning action, which will satisfy even the most experienced zombie lover,
Dead Island contains elements of a role-playing game that allow players to promote one of the characters to
his way, exploring new abilities and fresh tactical techniques during adventures in dangerous places on the island.
In addition, at any time the player will be able to connect up to 3 other players and join
continuous struggle with the deeply worked out plot and the cooperative mode of the game.
With the whole new engine Chrome Engine 5, which was created Dead Island, the game uses everything
The latest developments of developers Techland, allowing players to enjoy the unprecedented
the beauty of the island, lush forests and elaborate city streets.


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05.01.2023 11:51:19
все пришло быстро!)))
21.12.2022 18:33:59
покупаю второй раз, другу, также моментально приходит
20.12.2022 16:39:35
пришло сразу
16.12.2022 20:22:51
хороший товар
16.12.2022 20:21:30
Все отлично!
12.12.2022 0:17:11
товар пушечка автор красавчик всё пришло всё качается
10.11.2022 22:15:45
Все четко код пришёл мгновенно, советую продавца!
07.09.2022 14:18:48
Всё активировалось
01.08.2022 19:11:32
Большое спасибо ключ активирован