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Secret World is a new MMO that incorporates the most innovative ideas for games of this genre. The game world is far from the usual standards - it´s not a classic fantasy and not boring sci-fi, - you have to plunge into the atmosphere of legends and myths of our world. Secret societies, incredible adventures and the most intimate secrets are waiting for you!
Join one of the three legendary organizations: the Templars, Illuminati and the Order of the Dragon. Rise up their inner hierarchy, discover new opportunities and abilities. Fight with your enemies and prove the correctness of your chosen path!
Explore the vast world of the game. Travel to modern cities - London, New York, Seoul. Visit the mysterious Transylvania and Egypt. Feel like a fine line between reality and the most terrible horrors of the legends.
Forget about the bored system of classes and levels. Spend your experience on special skills, the total number of which reaches 500. Combine them in the most incredible combinations and create unique combinations.
Dress your character, guided by your own taste. By itself, clothing does not give any bonuses to characteristics.
A huge amount of weapons. Variety is amazing - use everything you want: from katan to assault rifles, from black magic to fireballs and shotguns.
A well thought out system for pumping. Choose yourself a lesson to taste - hunt for demons,

The world of The Secret World, on the one hand, reflects our modern world with everyday vanity, urban urban landscapes, cars, etc. But it also has another side - the secret world - the world of magic, the world of ancient myths, the world of global conspiracies and powerful groups fighting for world domination, a world in which even modern cities conceal secrets.

The game will take place in New York, London and Seoul of our days.
Absence of classes and levels. The role system is based on the development of individual skills and abilities.
The combat system is planned to be dynamic and resembling shooters from the 3rd person.
Riddles will be one part of the gameplay and develop the character in a similar way to fighting.
Global PvP, based on the opposition of the three factions in the struggle for the resource "anima."
I would really appreciate the feedback after the purchase.

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