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Far Cry 5 - the upcoming multiplatform computer game in 2018 in the genre of a first-person shooter and action-adventure, developed by the studio Ubisoft Montreal,
the publication of which is planned by Ubisoft. It is the sixth game from the eponymous series of games.
The game takes place in Hope County, Montana, and tells of the confrontation between the assistant sheriff and the cult of the day of judgment called "The Gate of Eden."
In early 2018, the game was in the top 10 most anticipated games according to
The release date is March 27, 2018 on Windows platforms, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.
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07.04.2019 16:19:54
19.03.2019 17:47:26
все отлично, купил 2 аккаунта себе и другу, к сожалению один из аккаунтов не поддерживал русский язык, продавец быстро поменял на другой
11.03.2019 18:13:31
Всё гуд
07.03.2019 19:46:08
Пока все гуд, спасибо!
07.03.2019 7:30:18
21.01.2019 1:11:53
11.08.2018 8:36:43
Great seller
10.08.2018 19:34:01
Купил два аккаунта, один дохлый, второй рабочий. За дохлый возврат средств. В целом норм.
28.05.2018 15:44:11
15.04.2018 17:35:23
good seller