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Seller: SMgames
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Loyalty discount! If the total amount of your purchases from the seller more than:

$2 the discount is 1%
$5 the discount is 2%
$10 the discount is 5%
$25 the discount is 7%
$50 the discount is 10%
$100 the discount is 15%
$200 the discount is 20%
$250 the discount is 25%
$700 the discount is 30%
Buying this product you will receive:
🔵 Minecraft Game Account
🔵 Ability to change the nickname on the account
🔵 Ability to change the skin on your account
🔵 Operational support in case of any questions
🔵 After payment of the goods, the data instantly and automatically come to your mail
🔵 Discount for the next purchase in the form of a savings discount
🔵 Warranty for purchased goods, 4 months from the date of purchase

Advantages of a licensed premium account:
🔵 At death, inventory is not emptied!
🔵 When you log in to the server, there is no "Try after 3 seconds"!
🔵 Play on foreign licensed servers!
🔵 Ability to play on MineZ servers!

How to change NEC?
✅ Go to the site http: //
✅ Look at the line Minecraft
✅ Near the button we see the "Change" button
✅ Enter your new nickname.
How to change SKIN?
✅ Go to the site http: //
✅ We pass authorization with the data we bought from us
✅ Then in the upper right corner click on your login
✅ Select "PROFILE"
✅ We see the line with the choice of skin - choose skin
✅ Click the "Reset skin" button below.

🔴 We respond to customer messages within 24 hours of the time of writing the message. It usually takes 1 minute to 1 hour
🔴 No refunds, only replacement if the account is out of service upon purchase
🔴 Change of nickname is possible ONCE time in three months
🔴 Due to a large influx of fans of freebies and cheating, in order to avoid fraud, remove the purchase video and sign in to your account. In case of problem without video, we can not help you!
🔴 When buying this product, make sure that you have read the instructions and know what to do after receiving the goods.
🔴 Access to mail is not available.
🔴 Change mail or password - not available. If you try, the warranty is void.
🔴 Warranty means replacement of the goods in case of inoperability within 4 months from the date of purchase
I bought the game, where can I get it?
✅ After payment of the goods, the data instantly and automatically come to your mail
✅ Also you can find the purchased data on the site in the section "My purchases"
✅ The input data is presented in the form - login: password!

What to do after purchase?
✅ Download / install Minecraft - https: //
✅ Log in to the Minecraft client
✅ Download game - play


31.10.2020 19:10:46
31.10.2020 10:15:04
Скорее хорошо, чем плохо.Продавец дает гарантию 4 месяца и в это время он может хоть на постоянке заменять вам аккаунт в случае проблемы с ним, что приятно.Отвечает долго, но зато ответ радует: скидываю видео доказательство покупки и присылает замену, хоть и через пол дня.Достаточно вежливый.
Да, на других сайтах можно купить аккаунт за меньшие деньги, но не факт, что он окажется рабочим и поддержки чаще всего просто не будет.А вообще, если есть деньги (и тебе их на это не жалко), то лучше навечно приобрести себе лицензию майнкрафта на официальном сайте.
30.10.2020 23:27:13
All went well, got refunded after my account got locked:)
30.10.2020 3:30:18
Bad, both accounts i bought changed passwords and seller didn´t answer
29.10.2020 22:23:26
Через 10 минут и успешного входа в аккаунт(1 раз зашел) Пароль уже не действителен!
29.10.2020 16:47:59
Ребят, купил аккаунт, однако пароль не подходил. Написал об этом продавцу и через 2 дня он выдал замену! Ребят, стоит уточнить, что если в данном случае вы столкнулись просто с проблемным аккаунтом, надо просто написать продавцу. Учитывайте что товаров и покупателей много, поэтому продавец не сразу сможет ответить.
29.10.2020 1:28:26
Cant login after two days
29.10.2020 0:30:46
They solved my problem instantly :)
28.10.2020 15:38:53
28.10.2020 9:54:56
В самом начале был неверный пароль и логин. Потом отправили снова, но уже рабочий.