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Loyalty discount! If the total amount of your purchases from the seller more than:

$1 the discount is 1%
$10 the discount is 2%
$50 the discount is 3%
$100 the discount is 5%
$500 the discount is 7%
$1000 the discount is 9%
$5000 the discount is 12%
$10000 the discount is 15%
The advantage of a licensed premium account:
+ Keep your inventory when you die.
+ When you log in to the server there is no "Try after 3 seconds".
+ You can play on foreign licensed servers.
+ You can play interesting mods on servers (MineZ, etc.).After purchase, you receive:
✔ Login and Password
✖ We do not provide an answer to a secret question!
✖ We do not provide data from mail
✔ In case of problems with the product, you can contact the seller and you will be happy to help!IF THE PROBLEM HAPPENS AFTER THE PURCHASE OF THE PRODUCT:
1. First of all, do not worry and do not write negative reviews.
2. Write to us by going to the site:
3. In the "My purchases" section, authorize and select the purchased item.
4. Open the tab: "Correspondence", describe the problem and we will help you.
5. The seller will reply to your message within 1-24 hours.What should I do after the purchase?
• Download and install Minecraft client -
• Log in to the Minecraft client using the login and password you purchased
• Download game - play 🎮

• GUARANTEE for the replacement of not a work item, but not only in the first 30 minutes after the purchase.
• Continuous support and assistance on any issues, regardless of the duration of the purchase.
• In case of any problems, you can always count on a replacement as soon as possible.
• Replacement, exchange, refund are possible only if the account you purchased is not valid./attention
Leaving a positive feedback you will receive a gift certificate for the following purchases at a rate of 10% of the price of the goods!A list of all our products can be found at:


17.09.2019 7:06:24
Good seller
20.05.2019 0:40:16
Really fast delivery +reppp
08.09.2018 18:30:53
all good, good seller
31.07.2018 18:32:27
Все хорошо, спасибо.
28.07.2018 11:28:47
Отлично !, пришел рабочий акк еще и батлой 3 и новым мостиком! Well done!
25.07.2018 11:41:02
Всё хорошо, спасибо
21.07.2018 20:18:22
Спасибо ему
21.07.2018 20:04:59
Очень хороший продавец
19.07.2018 11:47:19
Всё отлично, аккаунт рабочий)
17.07.2018 14:59:08
Все пришло очень быстро.