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Air Conflicts: Secret Wars is an arcade flight simulator with a plot based on the events of the first and second world wars. During 7 campaigns, the player must perform 49 combat missions. Before each flight, the player can choose the aircraft that is most suitable for each mission.
In each mission, the player receives various targets, such as patrols, reconnaissance, airstrike, bombing and escort. Tasks are presented to the player as dialogues between characters. After some missions, the player can upgrade one of his skills in order to improve the control of the aircraft, increase endurance or improve the skills of his slave. Also, the player can choose between two control modes: arcade and simulator. The first makes the game easier to control, while the second gives more options in controlling the aircraft.
In addition to the campaign, the game has several multiplayer modes available for playing on a local network and on the Internet for four players.
Special features
Seven campaigns, each based on the events of the Second World War
Dynamic gameplay provides sensations from combat missions in an accessible form for all.
More than twenty different landscapes, each individually detailed for a given period.
Piloting more than 16 types of aircraft of the period of the First and Second World Wars
Shoot your enemies, conduct air duels, bomb ground targets and troops, missiles and enemy vehicles
Over 48 different missions provide open fights, covert operations and exploratory gameplay
The player can control his plane or mouse and keyboard or gamepad
The player can choose one of two control modes: arcade and simulator.
Multiple multiplayer modes available for play on a local network and on the Internet for four players.


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