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- View data: login:password Instructions on how to download the game from the store
- WARRANTY for the purchased goods (in case of problems, we will help you deal with all the difficulties that have arisen)
- You will receive the purchased goods in personal correspondence / to the specified mail / in another way convenient for you/attention
- Before buying, make sure that this product is supported by your device.
- Access to the account is temporary, the guaranteed time of the account is 3 days. This is quite enough to download any game or application!
- Just don´t delete the game and enjoy it as much as you want!
- If you have any questions, you can always contact a personal correspondence for a consultation, we will help!


- It is forbidden to enter the received data in iCloud. The account serves only for downloading games and applications from the AppStore.
- It is forbidden to independently purchase additional elements for games and programs downloaded from the General Account.
- It is forbidden to make any changes to the Account Data.
- It is forbidden to transfer data from the Account to third parties.
For any violation of the above rules, the Administration has the right to restrict access to the purchased account without prior notice and refund./attention


29.11.2022 9:06:21
все ок
31.10.2022 13:12:15
Все прошло отлично. Зашел, скачал, вышел. Никаких проблем не возникло
01.10.2022 17:53:06
Аккаунт заменили,всё Гуд,всем благ
27.09.2022 16:16:24
все отличною, все работает, продавец отвечает
16.08.2022 22:18:43
Все отлично, продавца рекомендую)
15.07.2022 9:52:32
Возникли небольшие сложности, но продавец оперативно решил проблему, всем рекомендую
06.07.2022 15:54:30
Отлично, уже второй заказ у продавца. Помимо ХСом вы получаете ещё кучу равнозначных, а то и более дорогих игр
25.06.2022 12:12:29
Всем рекомендую. Возникла проблемка, но продавец быстро помог ее решить
11.04.2022 15:35:14
Большое спасибо, все хорошо и реакция быстрая!
29.03.2022 12:03:02
Оперативная поддержка, помогли войти и все обьяснили. Спасибо