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You buy a link to licensed digital television IPTV PROSTO.TV with 186 channels in Russian (70%) and Ukrainian (30%). There are quite a few channels in HD.
The link to the m3u playlist is valid for 6 months after the purchase. It needs to be inserted into your player (see screenshots and video). This playlist, thanks to the new HLS broadcast technology, stably works on any players, self-renewal, is serviced by the PROSTONET provider.
The access link has the form where xxxxxxxx is the access key.
The list of channels can be viewed at
If you want to use the service after 3 months, you can buy again the same product with the updated link.

The bonus list with 180 channels must be downloaded and inserted into your player.

A link to the video library with more than 1100 movies and cartoons must be inserted into your player.
-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- --------------------------
Warning: Some channels may not work temporarily for reasons independent of us. Wait for the list to be updated.
The PROSTONET provider serving this list received the first digital broadcasting license in Ukraine (decision of the NKRCI of 10.20.2011 No. 578).
Compared to other providers, PROSTO.TV has a much better selection of television programs at an affordable price.
The PROSTONET provider connects the IPTV service for 79 g per month (see Other providers with a similar list of channels provide IPTV for their subscribers from 120 to 150 g per month.
You have the opportunity to buy this list and connect to licensed IPTV immediately for 6 months for 149 grams (389 rubles), i.e. for 24 grams per month, and forget about temporary lists and unlicensed broadcasters forever.
Payment and connection occurs instantly, you do not need to write to the administrator, find out wallet numbers, etc.
An individual playlist allows you to watch IPTV channels anywhere in the world, provided that you have an Internet connection.
You can use any player that supports the m3u playlist format and HLS broadcast technology to view.
This modern technology combines high quality multimedia in networks with speeds of 10 and more Mbit, and due to the adaptability of the transmission speed, it is also suitable for less fast and stable networks, in particular 3g.
The provider may include only those allowed by the NCCIR of Ukraine in the list of channels.
-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------
Attention! The operation of the list is not guaranteed outside of Ukraine. The purchased list is intended for individual use. In the case of transferring the list to other persons, we reserve the right to block the list you purchased.


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