02.03.2021 16:28:30
This code does not work for me. I live in azerbaijan please return it.
28.02.2021 19:41:00
Всё работает,спасибо!
26.02.2021 14:00:20
Scam! The seller wrote in the comments that its possible to activate in Ukraine but its not! Don´t buy here!
19.02.2021 20:38:33
Ключ пришел рабочий! Продавца рекомендую!
18.02.2021 11:13:22
17.02.2021 22:57:22
Information that key is Russian region only is barely seen. Bought a key by accident and seller doesn´t accept order cancellation.
11.02.2021 10:38:07
I´m sorry I have misjudged you, I can just have the reactivation
03.02.2021 16:05:10
Все пришло быстро! Спасибо за ключ!
01.02.2021 23:42:43
получил, активировал
01.02.2021 18:42:57
Игру активировал. Всё хорошо