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Tom Clancy´s Splinter Cell: Double Agent is a computer game that represents the latest in the original franchise and the fourth in the overall series. Here is a point on the story of the adventures of Sam Fisher within an organization called "The Third Echelon." Because the recent events that occurred in the life of the main character, significantly influenced what will be the whole future fate of this protagonist, well, and the players only need to manage his movements and help in the passage of surprisingly difficult tasks, perhaps the most difficult for his entire espionage career.

Also, as in the previous games of the series, Sam Fisher works in a secret agency that is engaged in the providence of secret operations to capture especially dangerous criminals, as well as people who threaten world peace. And now, after the end of the next operation, the main character is told the unthinkable - his daughter was hit by a car on one of the streets of the city.

After that, the main character seemed to be replaced, but he is still ready to go to the end, because he had to fulfill the most dangerous task in his entire life, while he had to get into the very den of the enemy and conduct an operation there under cover, remaining his strangers.

That´s only in connection with the latest events, the main character starts to get confused in the soul and now he starts to wonder actively, maybe these terrorists are not so bad, maybe it´s just life that makes them like that and only on your choice it will depend which The choice will make the protagonist and on whose side he will become. Whether he will stay with Lambert or will stand on the side of the enemy and turn into one against whom he fought for so many years. And you will have to make the choice.
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