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About the game:
SCUM is a next generation, story driven survival game featuring extremely complex game mechanics and unrevealed survival features. Gamepires is an experienced team oriented towards innovation and perfection in game production and have decided to develop SCUM side by side in collaboration with its community with the goal of making the best possible survival game yet.
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20.02.2019 0:18:23
As Always all BEST!!! Best Seller!!! +++++
22.10.2018 19:04:56
good acc
21.09.2018 12:54:50
Very nice
all accounts works
17.09.2018 19:53:52
13.09.2018 19:57:10
Good Seller!


I would definitely buy another one soon!
13.09.2018 17:32:43
Very good
11.09.2018 15:16:33
Если честно, пока норм)
07.09.2018 13:55:05
Fast: less 1 second after my payment I receive the account
Avaible: the account work fine
Easy: I can send them like gift to my friends

Thank you seller
06.09.2018 19:52:08
всё быстро ..молодцы !!!!
06.09.2018 16:15:16