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New season starts April 27 ! You have 2 free slots and can order 2 recruits ! M4A1 Revalorisé to the reward tanks!

✅If you have problems with your payment - please use or Intercassa as payment methond. ✅

Referral Recruit program Premium tank tier 8 EU NA RU
Ther PRICE is for 1500 points , ALL 3 stages. You choose 1 or 2 recruits required in options.
We do it ourselfes, without your participation on a new account, we only need a referral link.
You can make 2 recruits for one account and get 2 tier 8 premium tanks and 3000 bonds once in 120 days(season).
The deadline is minumum 15 days after the start. Usually its 20-30 days. Maximum term for referral order is 60 days.

Be sure to click the checkbox next to the unique code that you trust the seller and provide a unique code, or send a unique product code to us after payment. The code will be provided to you after payment.

Who can become a commander?
Any player who has spent 600 or more random battles in the game will be able to become a commander and invite recruits.
The last battle in the game should be played not later than 60 days, your account should not be banned.

Referral program 7.0

If you have any questions please contact the operator.

Important :
Referral Contract Break
Referral contract can be terminated at any time by any of the parties. If you do it yourself for an uncertain reason, there will be no refunds.Refund :
If the tank is not received through our fault - 100% refund.
If the dissolution of the сlan by WG in the event, or any bans - 50% refund.
If the tank is not received through your fault, there is no return.
By ordering a service, you agree to these terms.
You are welcome! Please leave your feedback after purchase, to do it go to the "My Purchases" section on the site , enter the mail that you used during the purchase. choose the order you have done, and leave it in "FEEDBACK" section.

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Ranked Battles 2021 Is Here!
Battle Pass Season + STEEL HUNTER + Frontline


Boosting stats: WN8, RAITING, EFF, DAMAGE
Getting 1-3 MoE
Silver farm
Farm experience

Missions CHIMERA
Missions 279
Missions T55a
Missions Ob.260


Processing Time: The operator works from 8:00 to 20:00 MSK.! Important. If you have made and paid the order after 20.00 MSK, remember, your order will be the first in line in the morning, as soon as we will continue to work, it will be processed .
Run time: Our professional players work 24\7. Important. If you need an account at a specific time, be sure to indicate this in the order.


02.08.2021 21:07:05
Все оперативно сделали за 20 дней, продавец на контакт сразу идет. Всем доволен.
02.08.2021 0:19:28
Все отлично, очень оперативно, спасибо огромное, еще вернусь и не раз!
27.07.2021 21:30:31
Заказал 2 рекрута, зделали все четко примерно 20+ дней.
27.07.2021 14:21:38
Всё супер!
23.07.2021 14:04:16
уже 4 реферала сделали, буду заказывать еще
19.07.2021 17:18:59
всё в лучшем виде
19.07.2021 2:32:37
Все сделали оперативно, доволен выполнением заказа!
Буду заказывать ещё.
18.07.2021 15:35:01
спасибо за всё вам постоянно покупаю
15.07.2021 13:26:21
Все отлично как всегда, постоянно пользуюсь услугами данного продавца
15.07.2021 1:12:56
Благодарю за второй подряд выполненную реферальную программу!
С небольшой задержкой по сравнению первым заказом, но также оперативно!
Рекомендую всем!!!!!!!