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After the purchase, you receive data from the licensing account to log into the ORIGIN client.
The game may be missing the Russian language!
Please, if you have any problems with the goods - do not leave negative feedback, but write us a personal correspondence. We will solve your problem as soon as possible. </ Attention> </ delivery>Please note that the ability to CHANGE DATA on your account is MISSING.
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✅ _ Round the clock support
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✅ _ Permanent guarantee for the service of the product you purchased
</ attention> </ delivery>deliveryattentionInstructions on how to start playing:
1. Download the client by the link:
2. Install
3. We start and pass authorization under the received data
4. Download the game
5. We play:) </ delivery> </ attention>deliveryattentionGame description:
FIFA 19 - the next release of the football simulator from EA, offering players new teams, players, a number of improvements in the story, and in the Ultimate Team mode, as well as many different small innovations.
FIFA 19 features improved positioning of players on the field, improved AI opponents using advanced tactics, as well as new movements of players and realistic animations. </ Attention> </ delivery>


23.09.2018 13:20:02
iam waiting 2 days and dont give me replacement i want refund my money