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</ attention> Preload for Windows: October 12, 2018, 20:00 MSK
Released on Windows: October 19, 2018, 00:00 MSK </ attention>DESCRIPTION
Battlefield ™ V invites you to take part in the largest military conflict in the history of mankind. The series returns to its roots, depicting the Second World War in a completely new light. Bring your comrades to victory, making the battlefield your ally. Gather a team of fighters with complete personalization, their technique and weapons and set off on an exciting journey, following the "Course of War". Prepare to meet with the most powerful and exciting of all parts of Battlefield. You will change forever. </ Attention>
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18.01.2019 3:59:08
Please send or money back
15.01.2019 12:09:48
Please read PM. Don´t work
14.01.2019 22:09:05
все работает, на акке 1 игра. секретка может быть паролем от аккаунта.
через 20 минут не могу войти в аккаунт, было написано что пароль изменен . хотя данные все мои и почта и секретка. Мистика какая-то.
14.01.2019 21:19:08
thank u bro
14.01.2019 17:07:06
14.01.2019 0:54:29
Stopped working after some time
13.01.2019 19:55:00
Thank u nice seller
13.01.2019 19:54:44
Thank u nice seller
12.01.2019 15:05:24
Good seller would definitely recommend
18.11.2018 14:06:55
Best everything support