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In the near future, there was a global conflict between people and cars - the uprising of omnices. In order to prevent a crisis and establish peace on the planet, an international special unit of heroes was founded. It was called Overwatch. Heroes coped with their task, and the rebels omnik were defeated. In the following decades, peace and harmony reigned on the planet; The era of research, inventions and scientific discoveries began. The influence of Overwatch gradually weakened, and soon the organization was disbanded, and the characters dispersed throughout the world.

However, the world is now facing a new danger - growing crime, and Overwatch announces a general gathering to prevent the threat.


13.04.2019 12:02:04
Большое спасибо! Активировал без каких либо проблем!
11.10.2018 15:47:36
Всё хорошо,игра пришла